Dec 26, 2014

The Conductor writes some poetry

Jolan'tru, and welcome aboard the Bitter Trolley. Since I’ve collected your tickets and everyone is comfy, let’s get the Bitter Trolley underway.

I apologize as the Trolley has not been running for some time, and I cannot give a specific reason other than I would start typing, and then just crumple up the paper, as it were, thinking, no one cares what I have to say. But I have decided I will start posting again because if nothing else, it helps to just put some thoughts out there. A lot has happened since the last trip and maybe I’ll recap it, but not this trip. 

I figured I would get back in the swing of things by posting a poem I wrote. Yeah, the Conductor writes poetry. Now, I am not saying it's any good...and it is taken me a bit of pushing myself to post it because, you know, fear of intense mocking. But fuck it, why not? So here is the first post as the Trolley gets back on the tracks and starts running again.


Acting a part in a minimal play
Your character with no life
It’s always the same
You feel with all senses
You cry with false tears
Exposing to the open world
All those so-called fears
For the dreams became too real
Sweat poured from my face
The touch of your hand I still feel
With coldness inside
I break from the past
A love now carries on
Love that could not last
The night air forces howls
Cold air slaps my face
All senses are soon numb

From my inner coldness

Well, we are approaching the station, as always, thanks for reading. And as always, thanks for riding the Bitter Trolley, and please, remember us for your future travels. Jolan'tru.


  1. <3 I'll be watching out for you! Lovely poem that comes from your soul.

  2. So proud! Keep writing! It's good to see you back at it!