Jun 10, 2011

The G&T Show - Trek lit on the air!

Welcome aboard the Bitter Trolley, and since I’ve collected your tickets and everyone is comfy, let’s get the Bitter Trolley underway.

"G&T Press Release

Trek Lit and Sci-Fi Fans…Exciting News!

Cerberus Films, the studio responsible for the upcoming “Star Trek: Reunion,” proudly announced today a fun new way to begin your Sunday mornings. Start the day with a new internet TV broadcast — The  G&T Show — going live at 9 a.m. EST (1400 GMT), Sunday, June 19, 2011, at http://www.livestream.com/cerberusfilms with a duo that will keep you entertained and wanting more. [Bios and schedule included at end of release.]

Each week, hear the latest Trek Lit and Sci-Fi news and hear interviews with Trek lit and comic book authors. If you are a fan of Star Trek, science fiction and discussions of events around our world, and beyond, tune in for this provocative, entertaining and seat-of-your-pants talk show.

For more information about The G&T show contact: film@cerberusfilms.co.uk and stay tuned to the twitter accounts of @Cerberusfilms, @TerilynnS and @Gettysburg7 for up to date news on this exciting new show.

Gettysburg7 (Nick Minecci)
Co-host, The G&T Show Nick is a self-described “sci-fi loving geek” and avid fan fiction writer. He has a blog devoted to the joys of Star Trek and the pride of being a geek, http://www.bittertrolley.blogspot.com , and can be counted on to cite some obscure bit of minutia or make a bizarre film reference at any time. He is also an avid Star Trek Online player, and is known for his deep affection for Commander Christine Vale of the Star Trek novels.

TeriLynnS (Terilynn Shull)
Co-host, The G&T Show  Terry is a general Star Trek Columnist for AirlockAlpha.com and contributing Star Trek Online columnist for SubspaceCommunique.com. She also co-hosts the Star Trek Online and Foundry-focused production - PodcastUGC. Terry is an avid hobby and fan fiction author, and an official publication reader. Terry is known around the Star Trek fan community for her love of beards and boots."

It is truly a pleasure to see you again Trolley riders, I have been remiss in my blogging, and hope you aren’t too upset at the delay. But today we are rolling down the tracks again, and I have great news to share. As you can see, I am involved in a new adventure – I am co-host of “The G&T Show” – an internet radio show focusing on the world of Star Trek, with an emphasis on the novels.

My co-host is one of the most wonderful ladies it has been my pleasure to have grace my life, Terri Lynn Shull. Teri and I share a mutual love of Trek lit, and Trek itself, as well as comics and film. We also are as opposite as two people can be when it comes to so many topics I cannot begin to explain, but never once in a debate or conversation with her have I ever ended the day remotely mad or upset with her, and I can dare say, the same is true for her.

That is what makes us teaming for this venture such a great fit, we are alike and different, and we share a mutual love and respect that the audience will hear. So here is where you come in Trolley riders! Tune in! As you listen, play the G&T home game…every time Teri or I snort with laughter, take a drink. Keep a tally of any double entendrie you hear,  see how many obscure film references you can identify!

Join our family and enjoy Sunday mornings with two people who will make you laugh, entertain you, and maybe even bring you some views on Trek lit, Trek in general and sci-fi that you hadn’t thought of. I KNOW that when we have our discussion about the Star Trek – Deep Space Nine finale many of you will be scratching your head and saying, “Oh wow. Hadn’t thought of that!”

Some more good news, we will have the ability to take calls from listeners, interact and really get some good talk going.

I would totally be remiss if I did not thank young Oliver V. Smith, known by those of us on Twitter as @cerberusfilms, without whom this would not be possible. He is not only one of the most mature and dynamic young people I have ever met, but I am convinced he will be a ruler of the entertainment world one day.

So at 9 a.m. EST June 19, boot up, log on, and share breakfast with Teri and me. I think it will be a wonderful Sunday morning addiction for you.

Thanks for reading. And as always, thanks for riding the Bitter Trolley, and please, remember us for your future travels.

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